Live Chat
that Sells for you

Do you think Live Chat is only a customer support tool? We would like to change your mind.

Only Live Chat for E-commerce that's

Engage shoppers in real time before they get stuck or leave

Train bots to respond to common customer queries

Target shoppers based on their history and behavior

Automate common scenarios to engage shoppers 24x7

Turbocharge Sales
& Support on your online store

Power to influence and assist your shoppers throughout their purchase journey.

See how it works

Delight your customers
with Lightning Fast Support

Every customer conversation gets automatically augmented with activity trail from the current session and historical transactions. It helps respond to customer queries in the blink of an eye.

Focus on selling to your
most valuable shoppers

Features like Proactive Messaging, Live Shopper Insights and Real-time Shopper Journeys help identify live shopping sessions with highest revenue potential.

Deep Integration with your Store



Autochat is used by stores
across the world

All the Superpowers
without any coding

All our powerful features are available with a simple DIY graphical interface. Zero programming skills required.


Good to Go in a
Couple of Clicks

Our Deep Integration with Shopify starts powering your store automatically as soon as you install the app. No need to spend weeks of effort and thousands of dollars on custom integration.

Shoppers love Autochat

Customers get a delightful experience throughout their purchase journey. They get greeted by friendly staff and get product recommendations based on their activity. They feel special when they get quick response to all their queries. They get rewarded for their loyalty in form of personalised offers. After the purchase, they can come back to the store any time for 24x7 support on tracking their orders.



Store Owners love Autochat

Store owners get a trusted lieutenant in Autochat, that engages every shopper that visits the online store, round the clock. It starts with understanding who the shopper is and what their intent is for the current shopping session. Accordingly, the most relevant products are recommended, all queries are answered and personalised offers are highlighted to ensure conversion.


Store Owner

Your team will love Autochat

Autochat does a lot of heavy lifting for your team. Proative reachouts to every single shopper with greetings, recommendations and personalised offers can be automated. Common queries are automatically answered. This allows your team to spend quality time on the most valuable conversations. Even these conversations become more efficient with user's past order information and activity in the current session available right there.


Team Member