Conversational Customer Engagement
for E-commerce

Autochat helps E-commerce businesses increase their conversion and retention rates by engaging users
with contextual, proactive & automated conversations throughout their purchase journey
Deep Integrations with:


customers exit from the product pages


average cart abandonment rate in e-commerce


customers need support during checkout

Product Features

Engage customers throughout their purchase journey

Proactively, Contextually and Automatically

Modern Messaging

Lot more than just live chat. It's a modern, personal and continuous messaging experience. Powered by rich message types -- media, forms, buttons and carousels. Seamless transition between bots and humans.

Shared Inbox

Effortless collaboration between team members via features like Collision Detection, Private Notes and Canned Responses. Prioritization of incoming messages based on business value.

Multiple Channels

All customer messages in one place. Spend less time switching between multiple messaging apps like Email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Live Chat. Spend more time with each customer.

Anytime, Anywhere Engagement

Proactive messages triggered based on contextual rules and user data for real time engagement. Chatbots for 24x7 assistance. Mobile apps for team to engage with visitors from anywhere.

Real time Context & Insights

Support team members can visualize events that occur on user side interleaved with the conversations. Availability of these customer journeys along with one-click access to user data helps them provide personalized and quick support.

Deep Platform Integrations

Deep integrations with e-commerce platforms help automatically capture user events like add to cart and search queries. Team has one-click access to user history and store data (like inventory levels) which helps them respond quickly.


Engaged customers spend 90% more


Returning customers account for a third of all online shopping revenue


Retaining customers is 7x cheaper than acquiring new ones

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