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How to Tell Your Brand Story Using Donald Miller’s Building a Storybrand Principles

How many times have you seen a YouTube ad till the end without hitting ‘Skip Ad’? How many times have you clicked on an ad link?  How many times have you stopped your mindless scrolling and taken notice...

How to set up your best email sequence on Mailchimp

A bunch of prospects has landed on your Shopify store. They’re interested in your products and have subscribed to your mailing list. What’s the next step? How do you engage with them? How do you start your...

What Is an Ecommerce Customer Journey Map and Why you need Customer Personas for Your Shopify Store

If there were two big questions about selling products and services online, it would be these. Who will buy my product? Also known as customer persona.How and when do people buy my product? Also known as the...

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