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11 Best Conversion Marketing Tools for your Shopify Store

Consistently driving traffic to your Shopify store is a daily challenge.

A mixture of organic and paid marketing activities can drive relevant traffic to your site.

What happens to the traffic that lands on your site is the next phase of marketing.

To simplify, we could divide your marketing efforts into three categories:

  1. Generating traffic – here all the effort goes into organic and paid marketing activities to drive people to your Shopify site.
  1. Converting traffic – here the focus is to convert the traffic who land on your Shopify site.
  1. Retaining customers – here your target is to receive feedback and ratings, and retargeting your customers.

In this blog post we will look at marketing tools that help you convert your site visitors into sales.

Conversion tools for your Shopify store

All the traffic your website receives may not come with purchasing intent.

However, understanding how your site visitors behave on your Shopify site will lead to crafting your website for better conversion.

#1 – The first tool you should look at is Google Analytics (GA).

GA is a free tool and is being improved all the time. GA helps you analyze site visitor data. You can clearly know:

  • What pages are they spending time on?
  • How long are they on those pages?
  • What links are they clicking on?
  • Where and when do they exit your site?

GA is neatly tied into Google AdSense and Google Ads.

If you run Google Ads frequently, GA gives you insights on which ads people are clicking to your website from and what pages they’re landing and where they go from there.

If you haven’t linked your Shopify site to Google Analytics, you can do so by visiting this page.

#2 – Optimizely

This tool turns your Shopify site into a dynamic website.

Optimizely helps you show different varieties of landing or product pages to different visitors – based on which ad they clicked to land on your site or show different landing pages to repeat visitors.

With Optimizely you can test different page layouts, color schemes, ad copies, text fonts, and numerous other variables to see which perform the best.

Optimizely comes with a 30-day free trial and you can get it here.

#3 –

What if you could monitor your site visitors in real-time?

Let’s say you see quite a few visitors on one of your product pages.

And you find one of your customers visiting your site.

Chances of them making a purchase are 50/50.

What if you could influence them and boost your chances of converting these visitors into sales? is a Shopify app that allows you to monitor your site visitors in real-time, and chat with them.

When you get an opportunity to chat with your site visitor, you could help them make the right product choice and incentivize them to purchase the product with a unique, time-bound offer. also gives you the entire history of a specific visitor.

Say an old customer returns to your website, and you want some context to start a chat conversation with them, gives you a complete history of this customer with purchase history, visit history, etc. so you can have contextual conversations. turns you into a proactive seller than waiting for visitors to make a purchase.

Get for your Shopify store here.

#4 – Crazy Egg

This tool generates heatmaps of your website.

These heatmaps tell you which part of a particular page your visitor pays attention to.

What this tool also does is show the parts of your site that get the least attention.

This insight will help you optimize your Shopify site to make your visitors find what you want them to find.

For example, you’ll want to place a “Subscribe” or any other call-to-action buttons on parts of a web page that are receiving good visitor attention.

With this tool, you can:

  • Add an extra layer of insights to your Google Analytics data.
  • Drill down to how your email and ad campaign visitors are behaving on-site.
  • Make sure your CTAs are being seen.
  • Place content in the order of importance to your customers.
  • Track what’s going on behind pop up forms or login screens.
  • Set a website or page redesign project up for success.

Crazy Egg integrates with Optimizely and has a 30-day free trial.

You can learn more about Crazy Egg here.

#5 – SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb is a fantastic tool to look at what’s working for your competitors.

It produces great reports on your competitors and provides insights on how to drive more traffic to your website.

With SimilarWeb you can:

  • Uncover the best SEO and content strategies.
  • Build and grow your affiliate and media partnerships.
  • Enhance your display and paid search strategies.

This tool also provides insights on where your competition is advertising, reveals their creative landing pages, ad networks, placement strategies and a whole lot more.

Learn more about SimilarWeb here.

#6 – Ako Facebook retargeting ads by Akohub

Here’s a fact that bothers Shopify store owners – most site visitors don’t register.

When such visitors leave your site without making a purchase, you have lost a potential customer.

Ako Facebook is a tool that helps you retarget these visitors through Facebook ads.

This app segments your potential customers into groups by building full-funnel retargeting campaigns.

And retarget them step by step.

This strategy helps you leverage visitors through Facebook, bring them back to your site with a targeted ad.

Learn more about Ako Facebook here.

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#7 – Google customer reviews

Wouldn’t you love to collect customer reviews and post them on your site and social channels?

Google Customer Reviews is a free service from Google that allows Google to collect valuable feedback from customers who have purchased from your website.

You can view reports and reviews of products as well.

With Google Customer Reviews, you can:

  • Monitor your product quality through star ratings given by customers.
  • Build customer confidence.
  • Increase conversion rates as Google showcases your product rating right next to your Ad campaigns on Google search.

Learn more about Google Customer Reviews here.

#8 – Loox — photo reviews by Loox

Loox is an app that lets you send review requests via email to your customers.

Once reviews are collected, Loox helps you showcase them in a beautiful gallery and popups on your Shopify store.

These reviews can be shared on your social channels to build trust with your audience and boost conversion on your site.

Learn more about Loox here.

#9 – Nudgify

If you were to visit a retail store in your city, you can notice a lot of things.

  • You notice other people shopping around.
  • Visitors coming and going.

But when you visit an online store, none of this is visible to site visitors.

Nudgify is a Social Proof App that shows your customers things that are usually invisible when shopping online.

For example, you can use “Nudges” to display recent sales, sign-ups and customer reviews. You can also show when an item is low in stock, creating powerful FOMO and boosting your conversion rate.

Learn more about Nudgify here.

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#10 – Social Photos

As a Shopify store owner, you love to see your customers clicking pictures of your products and sharing them on social media.

Social Photos is an app that allows you to collect images from social media platforms and apply them to your Shopify store in curated galleries.

Social Photos helps you persuade your site visitors with customer reviews with product photos.

Learn more about Social Photos here.

#11 – Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is an email marketing tool turned conversion app.

Email marketing is complicated on the outlook, this app makes it easy for Shopify store owners to easily create abandoned cart emails, branded receipts, and newsletters.

You can also collect and display reviews from your email contacts.

While the pricing structure of this app is complex, we would request you to learn more about the app here before taking a call on installing this on your Shopify store.

Wrapping it up

As you set out to find the best marketing tools to improve your conversion rates, you are spoiled with choice.

A lot of tools will promise the best outcomes.

While these tools are built to achieve a defined success metric, you would have to spend time reviewing these apps to make the best decision for your use case.

The eleven tools listed in this post will appeal and work for businesses who sell products and services on Shopify at any scale.

However, while some tools require no technical understanding, others would require more than one person to set it up and manage it every day.

Review each app thoroughly and choose them accordingly.

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We understand that running a successful Shopify store is a challenging task. And that’s why we built this blog.

Our aim is to offer Shopify site owners like you, with content that simplifies complex strategies and tools that eventually help you boost sales consistently.

Do bookmark our blog and visit us for fresh ecommerce related content every week.

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